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oh, no - can't recogniZe a man in the pictures you sent - that's somebody else than I knew in my past - here is the right place to note how fragile things are: so, touch them with time slightly and pour a little mourning, add some poisonous fatigue, blow it well with ice winds of lie and here we are - no fascinating adorable scenery is left, nothing alike - the only ash and debris - proud ruins (but ruins!) of once upon a time bizzare castle of WonderLand - why, some stranger would disagree, I was there some time ago, there was not a clue given to me, nothing to notice, telling about so vast devastation approach - nothing like it! There were lots of waters and sun: strong young rivers falling down the surrounding rocks spread along the horizon line and down through the most beautiful valleys, fields spilling their green all around, young prince - reflection of his kingdom - strolling, and playing, and laughing, and jumping trying to catch roadrunner... strong muscled horses riding in a breathtaking ecstasy of freedom... foeting hills and valleys... foeting horses... foeting young prince... foeting waters - dried, the whole kingdom dried... at once - pitch black over the land forever - what a priceless treasure was wasted - what a shame...

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